Monday, August 29, 2011

Not an Intro, but more of a proposal..

Que Pasa, My name is Jonathan Blocker. This is my first post on my blog titled As I look Down. This blog is required for my English 101 class, which i am absolutely glad for. I have always wanted to blog, because i've always had alot on my mind that I wanted to speak out on but I needed a reason. This poses the opportunity so i'm grateful for this assignment.
Anyways this first post is supposed to be an about me, but there's know way you could get to know me thouroughly in 1 Semester. It would take you more time than anyone could possibly have so i'll just go over some general facts:
  • I was born on July 29th, 1993, in Augusta, Georgia. I grew up in a city across the border from it named North Augusta, South Carolina.
  • I pretty much do everything. I play instruments such as the piano, the drums, and i'm hoping to learn how to play the guitar. I'm also a very skilled artist. I paint, and sketch alot. I also play sports. I absolutely love football and I'll play almost any sport available because i strive on bieng active. 
  • I aspire to become a professional football trainer for the NFL, and when that is done and written and stone, I plan to begin a career in cardiology and help cure people. I am a very kind a generous person, I love helping and making others feel well. I get high off of seeing other people succeed and make it, especially those that deserve it.
    • Just for the record, i'm not some deep, tortured genius, outcast as i'm sure some of you probably got the impression of in class after our first writing exercise (the about me/obituaries). I promise i am just like you. Its just that when I write my imagination runs wild, mainly because It strives on bieng different and one of a kind, and I wouldn't want it any other way, but trust me i am normal.
      • I also took the liberty of posting my writing exercise below, since I figured you all liked it so much. So if you want to read it again, its there for enjoyment.
And I trully hope everyone enjoys my blog, because that is my main goal, besides recieving an A in Composition. I can't wait to read any comments positive or negative. Until the next post. Peace.

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